Stage Box


The Stage Box is an audio rack and a transmission System that allows you to replace your heavy multi-core snake with a simple pair of coaxial cable, or with an optical fibre, thanks to the new MCSC Optical comm module. XLR connector, preamplifiers, 48V, phase shifter, and converters are located in the Stage Box. All the parameters are remote-controlled from the console and audio signals transmitted to the console, using coaxial cable or optical fibre.

One of INNOVASON’s trademark products, the Stage Box, is based on proven and reliable technology. Connected to the Mix Box via a coax cable (75 ohms, max length 500m/1640ft) or an optical fiber (up to 2000m/6560ft), 64 digital audio channels are exchangeable between the Stage Box and the Mix Box. The Stage Box is a remote version of the Mix Box. It is therefore important to note that when an input module is installed in slot of the Mix Box, the same slot of the Stage Box is only available for an output module or no module.

The Stage Box accepts SI-8D3, DI-8S, DI-8Src, DO-8A and MO-8D3 audio modules. It is an excellent digital audio splitter when it is necessary to distribute up to 64 mic preamps to several consoles.