DioCore is the first modular 64 channel EtherSound enabled Stage Box compatible with INNOVASON I/O modules utilizing INNOVASON’s recently released DioES multichannel audio interface module. DioCore can be used with INNOVASON Eclipse digital live mixing consoles and / or as a remote I/O box for other EtherSound enabled devices wishing to take advantage of INNOVASON legendary sound quality.

The latest INNOVASON remote audio rack, DioCore uses a technology that enables daiSy-chaining with other DioCore and other Ethersound devices. Contrary to the Stage Box which is a remote version of the local audio slots, DioCore is an extension of these slots providing a further 64 inputs and 64 outputs. Thanks to EtherSound technology, DioCore, used as a console resource or as a stand-alone EtherSound device, can transmit and receive up to 64 digital audio channels. DioCore is compatible with all INNOVASON I/O modules.


DioCore gives access to:

  • Up to 64 inputs and outputs with exceptional audio quality;
  • Multiple channel AES to EtherSound / EtherSound to AES conversion;
  • Additional INNOVASON DioCore units or other EtherSound enabled devices using standard CAT5 Ethernet networking topology