Product Philosophy

All systems are based on the original all-digital design philosophy and are specialized for “live” use. All systems are completely modular. Consoles, Audio Racks, Modules and Interfaces are 100% compatible and may be configured for use in modest rental applications or extremely complex large format theater installations.

Actual mixing ergonomics are the simplest available today. Even in complex audio configurations the man-to-machine interface allows for the least amount “actions” by an operator during the actual live mixing process.

The quality of sound is transparent and exceptional. Always utilizing the best mic preamp and converters, the reputation of INNOVASON audio consoles is the source of great company pride. Backwards-compatibility is a characteristic INNOVASON always engineers in new variations, revs and enhancements. With the release of various Upgrade Kits even consoles up to 10 years old may be brought up to more current specs and features. INNOVASON will always be mindful of this strategy when developing new products.